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Goal for the 2° Phase

Get your Hopehash before the price goes up.
Current Price 3.17 USD
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ABOUT Hopehash

HOPEHASH is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, with the goal of promoting profit for investors. It is the best choice for those who want to invest safely.  

At each stage of sales it will be available a number of Hopehash with default values set and successively increasing, being a mechanism to generate profit to the investor of each phase, automatically. In partners Exchanges, it will not be allowed the insertion of purchase orders or sales of currency below the fixed in the White Paper, ensuring the proposed values for the currency.  Unlikely other cryptocurrency, Hopehash has a strategy for circulating in the market, through an application for consumers, linking companies and partners to customers, aiming to make Hopehash accepts locally and globally. Loyalty programs signed with companies and physical and virtual partners will allow users and investors of Hopehash to use it as a form of payment at its best moment of recovery or when you prefer.

Road Map

Begin development of HopeHash application

Q1 2018

Release beta,youtube channel Token sale and Listed on exchanges

Q2 2019

Secured capture facility for initial performances

Q3 2019

Integrate our off-chain solution for micro-transactions

Q4 2020

Calendar of Goals and Phases

HOPEHASH is a reliable and secure cryptocurrency. At the First Phase was commercialized as ICO (Initial Coin Offering), from the Second Phase, Hopehash stop being an ICO and becomes an effective mean of payment in various establishments.

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2018-05-05 2018-06-06 1000000 Hopehash 1.73 USD
2018-06-07 2019-09-01 4000700 Hopehash 3.17 USD
2019-09-02 2020-09-02 6500000 Hopehash 6.50 USD
2020-09-03 2021-09-03 10190000 Hopehash 12.80 USD
2021-09-04 2022-09-04 11180000 Hopehash 23.60 USD
2022-09-05 2022-12-31 2129000 Hopehash 53.27 USD

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